Monday, 25 January 2016

Who's been sitting in our chair?

R1J have been thinking about questions they would like to ask Goldilocks to find out some more information about what happened at the Three Bears cottage so we invited her in to our class. 

After a long journey she arrived at our school and sat in our chair at the front of the class. We all had our fingers crossed that she didn't break our chair too.

The children thought of some excellent questions for Goldilocks and she responded with some fantastic answers. Here are some of our favourites...

Q: Why were you in the forest?
A: I needed to pick some red berries to feed the the birds. 

Q: How did you get in to the Three Bears cottage? 
A: They left the door open slightly when they went out for a walk. 

Q: Are you friends with the Three Bears now? 
A: Yes they come to my house for tea. 

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